You Deserve Quality

Professional audio Recording services

Enjoy the confidence in knowing that your recording vision is going to be produced by a 15 year veteran in the music production industry.  Malcolm brings a tremendous amount of attention to detail and care to each of the projects that he takes on.   Coupled with in-depth expertise in sound design and DAW technology, he ensures that your tracks are radio ready when he turns them over to you.  On a budget?  Not to worry -we understand the constraints that most modern musicians face and are ready to work with you to make sure that your vision becomes a reality.

Our Benefits:

1. Quality Tracking - we prepare for your session ahead of time, taking your time and creativity seriously.

2. Professionalism - attentiveness, attention to detail, spirit of supportive cooperation.

3. Modern Technology - digital tools, superior microphones, and expertise in employing them.

4. Acoustically superior studio setting - comfort, lots of sound absorbtion, and stage lighting, to boot.

5. Collaboration with a professional - sometimes all it takes is another trained ear to make the difference.

Wedding services

Your wedding or special event is very important to you. For this reason it is crucial that you hire a professional full service sound and lighting company. Our entertainment leaders provide so much more than conventional disc jockeys. All of our sound designers are professionals with exceptional vocal, music and coordination abilities.

Once you share your creative vision with our staff, we completely take the pressure off. From the day you contact us to the final moments of your event, we handle all details large and small with relation to your music and sound details. Our competitive pricing allows you to book our premium services and feel great that you've gotten the best value possible for your hard-earned capital.

Music videos

Bands often need electronic press kits (EPKs), a presence on YouTube or their website, or other social media sites to ensure that they stay relevant to their audience.  Most importantly, to score the best gigs, booking agents club owners, and other interested parties need to see you in action-doing what you do best!  Bands can count on us to help produce amazing video and imagery in our fully-equipped video space.  Over 60 concert lights will be fully programmed and syncronized to your track and shot in 4k 60fps using multiple angles and hand held, gimbled devices.  Use your editor or ours to finish the process!